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Thank you for your enquiry about donating towards the the RCDM Patient Welfare Fund. The military wounded and injured are very well served by our partnership with the University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust, to quote the outgoing CGS, General Sir Richard Dannatt, 'Nowhere is better in the country to provide treatment of serious battlefield casualties and their potential complications'. That said, outside of the medical provision we do endeavour to provide little extras and luxuries which significantly enhance the quality of life of our patients.

The aforementioned Fund, which is now an official Charity, was set up several years ago and relies totally on the generosity of the general public and charitable organisations. The fund is used for a wide variety of things ranging from buying DVDs and sundry items for the patients to providing TV cards, Playstations and Ipads which enhance the quality of life and relieve boredom as some patients spend many months in hospital undergoing treatiment. Some patients arrive at the hospital without any of their possessions including clothing money, phones etc, so helping them in the first couple of days is a massive boost to them.

We also provide recreational activities or 'Decompression' for the patients returning from a hostile environment to a sterile environment. This includes the patients first 'Pint and a Pizza', which is our generic name for taking the patients to a local pub or restaurant. This is a very important activity for the patients with life changing injuries, as it helps the normalisation process and assists them coming to terms with their injuries and being in the public eye. In addition to this we also take them to sporting events and entertainment venues.

The initial days of a patient's time at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) when the family first arrive are particularly difficult and we provide other facilities and comforts over and above that funded by the 'system' to allow the family to concentrate on supporting their loved one.

I hope this has given you a flavour of what we are about, should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact Mrs D Binnion the Charity Co-Ordinator / Patient Support Service Administrator on 0121 371 5317 or by emailing RCDM-HQ-J8-AO@mod.uk

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