Donation & Accountability

All donations accepted are entered into the Patient Welfare Fund Hospitality Book held by the Charity Co-Ordinator. Financial donations are receipted and paid into the Patient Welfare Fund bank account. All donors will receive a letter of thanks on behalf of the Fund and/or patients. The following info is required to ensure our audit trail is complete:

Name of Contact (who delivered donation).
Name of Organisation.
Nature of Donation or amount of donation.
Record of Cheque number.
Address for thank you correspondence.

Contact Details

Mrs D Binnion Charity Co-Ordinator
RCDM HQ, Level 2, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2WB.

0121 371 5317 (0800hrs – 1600hrs Monday to Friday only).  Outside of these hours please telephone and leave a brief message with your name and contact details and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Alternatively cheques (made payable to 'RCDM Patient Welfare Fund’) may also be sent to the contact details above.

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Other Ways to Help & Donate

We are very fortunate to receive donations of a varied nature. We are very happy to receive donations of sweets, chocolates, crisps and cakes etc, which are well received by the patients. We are not able to collect donations. If you wish to personally deliver your donation, do not take them directly to the hospital ward due to security reasons, patient privacy and dignity as this is not allowed. Please ring 0121 371 5317 (10am - 4pm, Mon - Fri only) to speak to the Charity Co-Ordinator / PSS Administrator to arrange a suitable appointment. Alternatively outside of these hours please telephone and leave a brief message with your name and contact details and we will return your call as soon as possible.

What we don't need...

What we don't need:

We do not wish to appear selective in what we can accept, but it is important donations are chanelled correctly. Please ensure the donation is suitable (ie war games might not be appropriate at any early stage of recovery).

Old magazines, and books (we regularly receive new publications and do not have further storage facilities).

DVDs given away in newspapers . However, new DVDs are welcome.

Second-hand equipment - we are unable to accept these on health and safety grounds. (But do feel free to sell things and then donate the money!)

Toiletries. There is a charitable organisation Called Troop Aid which provides all the toiletries we need (See link to other charities).

Alcohol. This may not be beneficial to the patient.

Offers of Assistance

Offers of assistance are also common and acceptance requires careful consideration:

Volunteering of Individual Services. Offers of this nature (visiting, escort for

recreational activites etc) are politely declined as it is important not to over burden patients with visitors and we have sufficient staff within RCDM to manage recreational activities.

Offer of Recreational Activities. These can be very beneficial to patients as well as being good for morale. Common Sense should prevail and the event must not be at odds with the patient's clinical condition or pathway. Please be aware that the patients are at an early stage of recovery and there is no guarantee of their ability to attend. The patient has to want to go so again please do not be offended if an offer is declined. Its all about the patient's recovery and they are not here to attend fund raising events.

Offer of Services. Offers to provide counselling, physio services, massage and the like should be directed in writing in first instance to OC Nursing, Headquarters RCDM.

Offer of Corporate Services. Offers of this nature (i.e. accommodation, rehab, ambulatory tpt,), should be directed to SJC (Med) Headquarters RCDM, as this would need to be deconflicted with MOD guidelines and JMC policy.

There are a number of Charities who also provide for the patients at RCDM and often they may prove to be a more suitable destination for a donation.

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